Spinners Spring 2021

Presented By High Adrenaline Combat Robotics

Houston, TX, US

February 27, 2021

Event Information

Organizer: High Adrenaline Combat Robotics
Location: 3753 Fondren Rd B
Houston, TX 77063

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Starts: Feb 27, 2021
Ends: Feb 27, 2021

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 1 lb - Antweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight Unlimited None None Unlimited

Event Description


This event will be fought outdoors in the side parking lot of Electronic Parts Outlet. There will be 3 weight classes consisting of 150 gram, 1 lb, and 3lb. The arena will be 6 ft x 6 ft with a wooden floor and sufficient ventilation for internal combustion engines and gaseous flamethrowers. The event will be on as long as there isn't a crazy (for Houston) storm. Those mostly hit around April through September, so we should be fine.  

We are going to limit to 36 bots total with no more than 16 per class. This is due to time. The May event should be 43 bots as the days are longer. We might also run a separate 150 gram box with pits and a single referee/judge at the May event if we can get the manpower.  

We have hit capacity, and I reduced the maximum number of entries to make repeated checking for spots worthless. If you want in now, just join the waitlist. I will use the system to change bot's status from waitlisted to accepted if bots back out. If you want to change your registered bot's name, waitlist the new bot name and let me know by email or Facebook messenger that the waitlisted bot is replacing the existing bot. Do not withdraw your own bot unless you want to give up your spot and join the queue.



Safety will begin around 10:00 AM. Event set up will start at 9 AM should you want to help. Matches are planned to start at Noon with brackets on Challonge. If you want to compete, you need to be in the parking lot by 11:00 AM.


Entry Fees:

  • 150 gram - $10
  • 1 lb - $15
  • 3lb - $20


Robot Requirements:

The robots are to meet the SPARC robot construction requirements. We will not specifically require a power light, but there needs to be some means of identifying when the robot is powered on such as noise or light. http://sparc.tools/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/SPARC_Robot_Construction_Specifications_v1.3.pdf The scale will be +/- 2 gram precision with calibration weights available. I allow shufflers and non-wheeled drivetrain weight bonuses. Examples include Droopy, bristlebots, and non-wheeled varations on No Fly Zone. I'll also allow flamethrowers with pre-approval as to fuel choice. I'm also going to do 100% knockout required rule for multibots to encourage their use.



It is suggested that you bring your own table and chairs. There won’t be enough for everyone, and a couple teams are flying in. Also, only about half of the pit tables will likely be under the overhang/eaves. If you have a canopy, I suggest bringing it. The bathroom is back inside the store behind the counter on the right with the oscilloscopes and stuff on it.

The venue is power-limited. There will be a soldering area inside the store and a battery charging table outside with AC. If you would like to charge your batteries at your pit table or run other equipment, please bring a battery to power your stuff. Additionally, the last matches of the day might happen after dark though I don't plan on it. There is lighting over about half of the pit area, but headlamps or battery powered worklights may be a very good idea if you expect to do well. I will be bringing 4 TS-100-pattern soldering irons with 24V batteries. If you want to borrow one or a 3S Li-Ion battery with XT60 to run your charger, find me or prefereably contact me in advance.

The arena will be the same as the last event, but I'm bringing a Swiffer to clean the sawdust off the polycarbonate. For people with low profile bots or forks, please be aware that plywood floors develop deep gouges that can trap bots or leave them stuck. I'll also try to elevate it by a couple inches, if I have the time. The floor is going to be the same floor just flipped over.



Chris, the manager of EPO, was excited about having lunch available again. It should be barbecue plates, and Chris was mentioning pizza. This is an additional cost.



Mask wearing is required in the store and next to the arena during matches and while crowded around the arena. Don't be rude.



We are being sponsored in part by Fingertech Robotics to the tune of $100 CAD. Other sponsors may come on board, but there will also be cash to some degree and trophies.  



The brackets themselves are subject to change until the tournament starts. This includes reshuffling of participants in a non-random fashion.

The brackets will be hosted on Challonge and will be linked here.  



If you want to judge, announce, referee or stream, please let me know. We would appreciate the help. Seriously. These events don't run themselves.  

Judges don't need experience. If your dad, mom, friend or significant other want to sit in a chair and watch robot fights with a front row view, they can be judges. We have training material courtesy of SPARC.  

Referees need to have competed once before or to have watched live fights for an hour or more. The job is to verify that both bots are ready, declare bots knocked out, do countdowns and run the timer. We are combining referee and announcer as we have no PA system yet.  

Streamers need experience and equipment. We don't know how to do this, but if you want to stream the event and provide your own internet connection, we will send out the links to people. You will have access to 120 Watts. This should run a laptop and some cameras.

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