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Little B

1 lb - Antweight --- Combat

KurTrox - Port Saint Lucie, FL US

Robot Specs

Team KurTrox
Class 1 lb - Antweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Lexan Wedge
Secondary Weapon Voltage Boost for Speed
Radio Type 75.63 MHz
Strategy Hit as hard as possible, than push 'em round for a little ride!!!

15 Events Attended

Event Date Location
SBoMD - Fair Fights III Feb 10, 2019 Stuart, FL, US
Fire Fights Hosted by Florida Polytechnic Univ. Mar 17, 2018 Lakeland, FL, US
SBOMD - Fair Fights II Feb 11, 2018 Stuart, FL, US
Battle Beach LITE Dec 3, 2017 Kissimmee, FL, US
Combat Robots at Florida SuperCon 2017 Jul 30, 2017 Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
SBoMD - Fair Fights Feb 12, 2017 Stuart, FL, US
SBoMD - The Revenge Sep 10, 2016 Stuart, FL, US
SBoMD - The Awakening Aug 13, 2016 Port Saint Lucie, FL, US
2005 RFL Nationals Nov 13, 2005 San Francisco, CA, US
BBS2 - Florida Tech Under Destruction Feb 26, 2005 Melbourne, FL, US
Robot Assault 2004 Sep 5, 2004 Huntsville, AL, US
Stuart Small Bots of Mass Destruction Jul 24, 2004 Stuart, FL, US
Rocket City Robot Assault May 30, 2004 Huntsville, AL, US
Battle Beach LITE Apr 17, 2004 Ormond Beach, FL, US
Battle Beach II, January 2004 Feb 1, 2004 Ormond Beach, FL, US

Team Members

Abra Durjan
Garrett Durjan

Kurt Durjan
Kyle Durjan