Motorama Robot Conflict 2022

Presented By North East Robotics Club, Inc.

Harrisburg, PA, US

February 18 - February 20, 2022

Event Information

Organizer: North East Robotics Club, Inc.
Location: 2300 N Cameron St
Harrisburg, PA 17110

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Starts: Feb 18, 2022
Ends: Feb 20, 2022

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight Unlimited None None Unlimited

Event Description

Motorama is back!

This is going to be another awesome event at the Farm Show Complex!

This will be a 150g-30lb Combat Event using the NERC Ruleset


Fairies and Ants fight in the 8 box on Friday.

Hobby-Featherweights fight in the 16x16 box on Saturday and Sunday.

Beetles fight in the 8x8 box on Saturday and Sunday.



This is being handled by Motorama this year, so head over to their page for details.

Registration limits: 1 robot per driver per weight class.


Everyone else is URGED to arrive on Friday to check in, complete safety, and prep their bots.

9AM: Start arriving

10AM: Safety Inspections for Fairies/Ants

1PM: Fairies/Ants Tournament begins

7PMish?: Fairies/Ants Tournament is done.


At some point on Friday, Beetle inspections will start once the main arena is assembled.


8AM-9:30AM: Safety Inspections.

At this point if you are not through safety, you will not compete. All matches have to be done at a reasonable time on Sunday.

10:00AM: Drivers Meeting. Attendance is MANDATORY. You must be present so that you understand the rules clearly. Details around unsticks, immobilized bots, etc will be covered. This is your time to ask any questions about the rules that you are unsure of.

11:00 AM-ish: First fights of the day. The first 8 matches will be announce the rest will go from there. Be sure to have your bots ready to go. By about 8PM or so, fighting will cease for the day.


10AM: First fights of the day will commence. Arrive anytime before 10AM to make sure you are ready to go if you are still in the tournament.

By 5PM fights should be all finished. There will be signups for grudge matches/rumbles and the "Official" rumbles.

Please stick around and help break down the arena!


Petes Tips

First timer advice for Moto......even if you are not competing in ants get to the venue on the Friday afternoon/evening and then you can drive up to the entrance of the small arena (someone will no doubt post a map) and get you stuff dropped off. On Saturday you won’t be allowed to do this and it’s a long drag (with stairs?) etc. otherwise. Plus you can get through safety and maybe even give your bot a test or two.

Bring a comfortable fold up seat.

Get back in plenty of time in the morning, one day they will start on time!

If you have laptop with Wi-Fi you can use it to track who’s on next etc. don’t make them come hunting you when you should be ready!

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