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60 lb - Lightweight --- Combat

Team Gator - Madison, MS US

Robot Specs

Team Team Gator
Class 60 lb - Lightweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Wedge
Secondary Weapon Speed
Radio Type 75.71 MHz
Strategy The bot Has a 1500 watt motor on each drive wheel, weighs 57lbs and is built to accelerate. Top speed is 28 Mph. What we have here is an armor plated dragster. The armor is 1/4 inch hot rolled steel welded together in interlocking curved surfaces a

16 Events Attended

Event Date Location
RoboGames 2007 Jun 17, 2007 San Francisco, CA, US
ComBots Cup II Maker Faire 2007 May 20, 2007 San Mateo, CA, US
Carolina Combat May 5, 2007 Greensboro, NC, US
The Texas Cup Sep 9, 2006 Carrolton, TX, US
2006 RFL Nationals Aug 13, 2006 Minneapolis, MN, US
Battle Beach 4 Apr 9, 2006 Ormond Beach, FL, US
Most Extreme Robot Challenge Feb 4, 2006 Carrolton, TX, US
Robot Rebellion 5.4 Nov 5, 2005 Carrolton, TX, US
ROBOT REBELLION 5.3 Aug 6, 2005 Carrolton, TX, US
Robotic Revolution - New Orleans Jul 3, 2005 New Orleans, Louisiana, US
Battle Beach Apr 3, 2005 Ormond Beach, FL, US
ROBOT REBELLION 5.1 Feb 5, 2005 Carrolton, TX, US
Robot Assault 2004 Sep 5, 2004 Huntsville, AL, US
Rocket City Robot Assault May 30, 2004 Huntsville, AL, US
Battle Beach II, January 2004 Feb 1, 2004 Ormond Beach, FL, US
Southern Assault, Sept. 2002 Sep 2, 2002 Hendersonville, NC, US

Team Members

Lance Richards
Lealan Swanson