Presented By Southwestern Alliance of Robotic Combat

Carrolton, TX, US

February 5, 2005

Event Information

Organizer: Southwestern Alliance of Robotic Combat
Location: Carrolton, TX US
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Starts: Feb 5, 2005
Ends: Feb 5, 2005

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight Unlimited 2 Robots None 10.00 USD 5 Per Robot
Combat 1 lb - Antweight Unlimited 8 Robots None 20.00 USD 5 Per Robot
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight 16 8 Robots None 30.00 USD 5 Per Robot
Combat 12 lb - Hobbyweight 16 7 Robots None 40.00 USD 5 Per Robot
Combat 30 lb - Featherweight 16 2 Robots None 50.00 USD 5 Per Robot
Combat 60 lb - Lightweight 16 7 Robots None 60.00 USD 5 Per Robot
Combat 120 lb - Middleweight 16 5 Robots None 70.00 USD 5 Per Robot

Event Description

Join Swarc for the debut of the "Toad Tank" in Texas for the 2005 Robot Rebellion Series.
This fine 24' x 24' arena has been donated to Swarc by Fuzzy and has been painstakingly cleaned, painted, and assembled to provide combat robotics from 150 grams up to 120 pounds for all.

Mike's Hobby Shop Carrollton, Texas.
1201 N. IH-35 E.
Carrollton, TX, 75006
(972) 242-4930

Saturday February 5th 2005.
There will be 2 shows, 11am till 4pm and 6pm till 11pm with a break from 4pm till 6pm.
Inspection opens Friday February 4th from Noon till 8pm.
Last minute inspection Saturday February 5th from 9am till 11am.

Free to the public. Limited seating.
Pit access to competitors and VIP only.
Vip passes required for restricted area overlooking arena.

January 1st - January 22nd online only.
First come basis, limited to 16 bots in each class 3lbs and larger.
Players Agreement must be signed and postmarked by the 22nd to insure your spot.
Agreement available at
Entry fee must accompany the Players Agreement.
Send to:
Brady Davis
423 east lavander lane
Arlington, Texas 76010

Entry Fees:
UK- Ants (150 grams) $10.00 (ant arena)
US- Ants (1 pound) $20.00 (ant arena)
Beetles (3 pounds) $30.00 (big arena with a 8’x8’ insert)
12 lber’s (12 pounds) $40.00 (big arena)
30 lber’s (30 pounds) $50.00 (big arena)
Lightweights (60 pound) $60.00 (big arena)
Middleweights (120 pound) $70.00 (big arena)
Swarc members receive a $10.00 discount on bots 3 lbs and larger.

First and Second place only.
Medallions will be awarded in the 150 gram class and the 1 pound class.
Medallions will be awarded for the Rumbles, Rookie Award, etc.
Custom Trophies will be awarded in the 3lb, 12lb, 30lb, 60lb, and 120lb weight classes.

Standard double elimination, all classes. (not modified)
This is a qualifier RFL Nationals.
Using the 2005 RFL Ruleset with Swarc modifications. (Read Carefully)
See updated Ruleset at
Swarc is a proud member of the RFL -

Shipping Information:
Ship to Mike's Hobby Shop. See above location.
There is a forklift and dock. Delivery accepted during Mike's Hobby Shop business hours. 10am - 8pm

Hotel Information:
Rodeway Inn - (New)
1832 N. I-35E
Carrollton, Texas 75006
972-245-9900 is the preferred reservation method.
Single rate: 49.95
Dbl. Rate: 54.95
Smoking and Non Smoking rooms available.
This hotel is across the hwy. From the venue.

Delux Inn - (Used)
1885 N. I-35E
Carrollton, Texas 75006
Single rate: 35.00 including tax
Dbl. Rate: 45.00 including tax
Smoking and Non Smoking rooms.
This hotel is 1 mile north of the venue on the same side.

We will do our best to transport anyone that needs it.
Airport, Hotel’s and other necessities.
Please e-mail me so we can be prepared for ya.

Stay tuned.

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