1 lb - Antweight --- Combat

Team Halogen Robotics - Lake City, Florida US

Robot Specs

Team Team Halogen Robotics
Class 1 lb - Antweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Horizontal Spinner of Atomization
Secondary Weapon Wedge of Unending Optimism
Weapon Power Electric
Drive Power Electric
Radio Type Flysky (AFHDS)
Strategy Lose gracefully and put on a show, cause general chaos!

11 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Robot Ruckus 2023 Nov 4, 2023 Orlando, FL, US
ROBOTICON Rumble 2023! Oct 21, 2023 Tampa, FL, US
Build Fight Fun! at InfinitiCon Tallahassee Jul 8, 2023 Tallahassee, FL, US
Combat at Gulf Coast MakerCon! May 27, 2023 Tampa , FL, US
Florida State Fair Frenzy Feb 18, 2023 Tampa, FL, US
Robot Renegades at South Florida Fair Jan 14, 2023 West Palm Beach, FL, US
Robot Ruckus 2022 Nov 5, 2022 Orlando, FL, US
ROBOTICON Tampa Bay- Robot Combat Oct 22, 2022 Tampa, FL, US
Robot Ruckus 2021 Nov 14, 2021 Orlando, FL, US
Robot Ruckus Awesome Autumn Aggression Sep 11, 2021 West Palm Beach, FL, US
Robot Riot at the South Florida Fair May 22, 2021 West Palm Beach, FL, US

Team Members

Derin Cattelane
Jerry Cattelane
Elvan Tahaoglu
Esra Cattelane