Build Fight Fun! at InfinitiCon Tallahassee

Presented By buildfightfun

Tallahassee, FL, US

July 6 - July 7, 2024

Event Information

Organizer: buildfightfun
Location: 505 W Pensacola St
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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Starts: Jul 6, 2024
Ends: Jul 7, 2024


Starts: May 18, 2024 20:05 UTC
Ends: Jun 30, 2024 22:06 UTC
Waiting List: Allowed
Entry Fees: Fee per robot (See class list)

Event Organizers

Brian Boatright
Event Organizer
Christine Kahle
Builder Liaison

Tobi Ashworth
Builder Liaison

Matthew Heston
Broadcast Director

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 1 lb - Antweight 30 27 Robots None 20.00 USD 4 Per Robot
Combat Plastic Ant 20 10 Robots None 20.00 USD 4 Per Robot
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight 20 17 Robots None 20.00 USD 4 Per Robot

Event Description

Build Fight Fun! at Infinity Con Tallahassee

Build Fight Fun is excited to hold our Second! combat robot event at the annual Infinity Con on July 6th and 7th in Tallahassee Florida! This event is open to all builders of any experience level!

Each Team registered for the event will have up to four (4) two-day event tickets included. If you have only 2 robots registered but have 5 crew, you will receive 4 tickets but need to buy the additional ticket. If you have 6 robots registered you will receive 6 tickets. 

About InfinityCon Tallahassee

Infinity Con focuses on artists and creators of major and independent comic books, video & tabletop gaming, anime, with events & entertainment for all ages scheduled throughout the weekend. We create a place where attendees can shop, learn, be entertained, and come together to celebrate the pop culture they love. We aim to entertain & inspire dreamers and creators of all ages!


AREA HOTELS (only needed if you are not competing or need more than 4 tickets per team/robot)

While convention passes will be available day-of the event, tournament registration ends on Friday , June 30th at 11:59PM EDT.

Keep in mind that tickets are non-refundable, as described on the convention's website linked above.

Tournament Info

  • Two Days of Fights
    • Each Class will have scheduled fights Saturday and Sunday
    • All Finals on Sunday
  • Weight Classes:
    • Ant (limit 30 with waitlist)
    • Plastic Ant (limit 20 with waitlist)
    • Beetle (limit 20 with waitlist)
  • Each match will be 2 minutes except the semi-finals and finals which will be 3 minutes
  • *Each bot per class must have a dedicated driver, you cannot enter two bots in the same class with the same driver.
    • You can enter and drive more than one bot and they will be put into different qualification groups. if both or all make it to finals and they are in same match, you need to choose another driver or withdraw/tap out one of the bots. 

      Because we do not have a wait list a week out. We can allow builders to enter more than one robot per weight class. There are some issues with this obviously if more than one of your robots make it to finals in same weight class. Also we will continue to stay on a tight timeline for matches. If you cannot get your robot ready in time, that match will have to forfeit. This is more of an issue in finals than qualifications. Every effort will be made to allow for repairs up to the point it delays the overall event. We must be done by 4pm on Sunday. 
  • Pre-Event email will have any more specific instructions.
  • Arena Size and Construction
    • 8ft x 8ft Square Arena
    • Clear Double 1/4" Polycarbonate Walls
    • Floor is MDF with thick paint and grit for grip

Combat Robotics for Everyone!

We will award a trophy for each Class for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place and also pay out 50/40/10% from registration fees per class.

Example: if the total registered and paid is $200 for the Antweight Class, 1st place will receive $100, 2nd $80, and 3rd $20

*Individual prize amounts to be determined based on competitors in each class. 

Bot Photos

We ask each competitor to upload a render or ideally an actual photo of your robot to the event website. 


  • We’ll be following the SPARC ruleset with the following points of emphasis:
  • No fire weapons
  • No entanglements
  • Robots with active weapons must only be activated inside an arena! (This is rule #1! You will be disqualified immediately and receive NO refund of fees if you break this rule!)
  • Robots with active weapons must only be activated inside an arena! (This is rule #1! You will be disqualified immediately and receive NO refund of fees if you break this rule!)
  • All Lipo batteries must be in a LiPo bag while charging. -- Bring your own power strips.
  • Tapouts are allowed
  • Exposed batteries are automatic forfeits (tap out)
  • One unstick per fight (if you become unintentionally stuck)
  • Match length: TBD day of event, will be either 2 or 3 minutes depending fight volume
  • Robots may be disqualified at any time at the event organizer’s discretion.
  • Plastic ants may be made from materials listed in the SPARC ruleset and only those materials (PLA, PLA+, PET, PETG, ABS). DO NOT USE reinforced or modified variants of these materials that are designed to be super flexible or extremely tough compared to the virgin material ie: Polymaker Polymax PLA, carbon fiber reinforced PLA or ABS, Duramic,etc.
  • Most Important Rule - **HAVE FUN**


We're happy to have any available volunteers help with the event. If you have family/friends coming that aren't fond of sitting in the pits all day playing games on their phone we can always use help.  Pit Runners, Judges, Safety, and possibly announcers.

Want a free ticket to the event and have at least 4 hours to volunteer?

Each 4 hour shift earns a day pass, volunteers for the morning shift and spends the afternoon enjoying the rest of the event. Work the evening shift on Saturday and spend Sunday enjoying the event.

Sorry but you cannot volunteer Saturday or Sunday afternoon and have access to the event that morning.

Volunteers also get a free Build Fight Fun! shirt  


  • Builder Attendant (Pit Runners) (need 1 per 3 hour shift, 6 for tournement)
    • help keep the builder pit area clean and clutter free. You may also help communicating between arena control and builders about schedule of fights and delays
    • anyone 10+ can do this job and it is a great way to help your fellow builders and friends
  • Arena Attendant (need 1 per 3 hour shift, 6 for tournement)
    • Usher builders in and out of the arena with their robot
    • Keep the arena floor and surrounding area clean and clutter free and ready for next fight
    • anyone 10+ can do this job and it is a great way to help your fellow builders and friends
  • Judge (1-3 per day)
    • We need at least one judge, ideally 3. No experience needed but you will be briefed on basic judging criteria and expected to do your best 🙂 You cannot have a friend or family member competition.
    • anyone 10+ can do this job and it is a great way to help your fellow builders and friends
  • Stream Assistant / Associate Producer (1 per day)
    • Knowledge required but no experience needed. You will help run the video switcher (pushing buttons) and make sure the event stream is running on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. 4 Hour Shifts.
    • anyone 12+ can do this job and it is a great way to help your fellow builders and friends

We appreciate any help you can provide. Use this Link to Apply for Volunteer Positions

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