1 lb - Antweight --- Combat

B3 Robotics - Cleveland, OH US

Robot Specs

Team B3 Robotics
Class 1 lb - Antweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Vertical Spinner
Secondary Weapon Wedge
Strategy Don't go in to the pit!

10 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Robot Ruckus 2023 Nov 4, 2023 Orlando, FL, US
Robot Riot at the South Florida Fair May 22, 2021 West Palm Beach, FL, US
SBoMD: Fair Fights IV Feb 16, 2020 Stuart, FL, US
Robot Ruckus at Maker Faire Orlando Nov 10, 2019 Orlando, FL, US
Robot Riot 5 Oct 20, 2019 Miami, FL, US
Robot Riot Summer 2019 Aug 3, 2019 Miami, FL, US
SBoMD - Fair Fights III Feb 10, 2019 Stuart, FL, US
Robot Riot at RoboSLAM Jan 12, 2019 Miami, FL, US
Battles at Maker Faire Orlando 2018 Nov 11, 2018 Orlando, FL, US
Robot Riot 3 Sep 30, 2018 Miami, FL, US

Team Members

Bradley Blanton
Brad Blanton
Lia Blanton
Team Support
Blair Blanton

Connor Hood
Team Support