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Organization Name: Middle TN Robotic Arts Society
Abbreviation: MTRAS
Website: MTRAS.com


Patrick Becker

6 Events

Event Date Location Robots
MTRAS "SUMO" Competition in conjunction with "T-TOWN BEATDOWN" Jul 22, 2023 Tullahoma, TN, US 2 Robots
MTRAS Presents: Engineered for Destruction 8 Nov 16, 2019 Nashville, TN, US 11 Robots
Engineered for Destruction 7 Feb 16, 2019 Nashville, TN, US 2 Robots
Engineered for Destruction 6 Oct 7, 2018 Nashville, TN, US 14 Robots
MTRAS Presents: Engineered for Destruction 3 Oct 1, 2017 Nashville, TN, US 8 Robots
MTRAS Presents: Engineered For Destruction Jul 29, 2017 Nashville, TN, US 11 Robots

Founded in early 2007, Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society (MTRAS) is a group of makers with varying levels of experience and education from novice to pro. While our emphasis is on robotics, our members span many interests and projects from combat robots to interactive art exhibits. This works perfectly for us as robots aren't just devices that look like BB8 or C3PO but are electro-mechanical devices and systems that interact in the world. At the heart of our group is STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Robotics by nature is a multi-disciplinary tool that offers the opportunity to hone skills in electronics, mechanics, coding, project planning and management, team building and communication. However, any complex project also requires imagination and creativity to complete. I think this is why we have seen such a wide array of people at our meetings over the years. Though it may not seem this way on the surface, there really is something for every one.

MTRAS is an all volunteer "no profit" group. We do not collect dues or fees to be a member and we are not a non-profit or a for-profit organization. As such, members who consider themselves members ARE members. 

We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Adventure Science Center and our meetings are typically in a show-and-tell format. We start our meetings discussing upcoming events/projects and then pass it off to members. Members can bring projects that they are working on in to present or ask for help with. We encourage meeting participants to bring in projects or to pose a topic for discussion. One of the great things about our club is everyone regardless of age or experience gets a chance to have the floor.

See ya'll there!

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