Bot Blast 2018

Presented By Dreadfully Wicked Robots

Bloomsburg, PA, US

July 21, 2018

Event Information

Organizer: Dreadfully Wicked Robots
Location: Bloomsburg, PA US
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Starts: Jul 21, 2018
Ends: Jul 21, 2018

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 1 lb - Antweight 16 13 Robots None 40.00 USD 10 Per Robot
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight 32 21 Robots None 40.00 USD 10 Per Robot
Combat 6 lb - Mantis 16 14 Robots None 40.00 USD 10 Per Robot

Event Description

Bot Blast 2018 will be held in Bloomsburg, PA on Saturday July 21, 2018 hosted by Columbia Mall and Team Dreadfully Wicked Robots! This insectweight combat robot event will once again take place at the Columbia Mall in Bloomsburg, PA.

Trophies and prizes for the top 3 in each class, including the Golden Starting Lights trophy to each class champion. Special awards also for the best engineered robot, coolest robot, best driver, sportsmanship award, best fight, and more!

Bot Blast uses a modified SPARC ruleset. Please visit the Bot Blast website " Rules Page for a detailed ruleset. Email event operator Jeremy Campbell for any questions regarding the rules.

Each team is allowed a maximum of 2 robots per weight class. Each driver is only allowed to drive one robot per weight class. (Example: One team may enter 2 robots in the Beetleweight class, as long as there is a separate dedicated driver for each robot).

Beetles and Mantis will fight a modified double elimination bracket. It will be true double elimination up until the final. The winner of the winners bracket, and winner of the loser bracket, will fight in one winner-take-all final match.

The Columbia Mall is just off Interstate 80 Exit 232 (Buckhorn/Bloomsburg Exit). Address for GPS is: 225 Columbia Mall Dr, Bloomsburg PA 17815. The arena will be setup inside the mall's center gazebo and the pit area will be located in one of the empty store locations nearby. When entering the mall, turn left onto the perimeter road around the mall and use the green entry doors, just past Planet Fitness.

7:30am: Doors open/check-in begins
10:30am: Mandatory Drivers Meeting
11:00am: National Anthem(s)/Fights Begin
**Robots must pass through safety before the driver's meeting or they will not be allowed in the bracket... make sure your robots work and don't be late!**
Event should finish by 8pm
Rumbles will be held just before the finals (finalists are not permitted to compete in the rumble)
Awards Presentation immediately after the finals
Please stick around afterward if possible to help clean up and take down the arena!

$40 per robot (all weight classes). Fees will be collected at the event check-in table. Cash or check. Please do not send payment before the event.

We'll be providing a free pizza luncheon for all builders sometime in the afternoon. We will take a short lunch break depending how far we are along the brackets at that time. For other options there are a few food places inside and around the mall.

10 ft x 10 ft square, 6 ft tall, steel framed with 3/8" thick polycarbonate walls and roof. Steel bumpers. Wood floor. No pits/push-outs/hazards. See website for photos.

The pit area is closed off from the general public. Registered builders who enter the pit area must sign a release of liability. Everyone entering the pit area must sign one when your team arrives at the check-in table. No need to mail anything before the event. All competitors or crew members under age 18 also must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian at the event.

More tournament info, photos/videos of previous Bot Blasts, and more at our website:

See you in July for our 11th annual event!

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