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Son of Whacky Compass

60 lb - Lightweight --- Combat

Team Hawg - Roy, WA US

Robot Specs

Team Team Hawg
Class 60 lb - Lightweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon La bar de la dooma
Secondary Weapon terrifying reputation of the original Whacky Compa
Radio Type Spread Spectrum
Strategy If I told you I'd have to kill your bot.

5 Events Attended

Event Date Location
RoboGames 2007 Jun 17, 2007 San Francisco, CA, US
2006 RFL Nationals Aug 13, 2006 Minneapolis, MN, US
RoboGames 2006 Jun 18, 2006 San Francisco, CA, US
Southwest Division Championships Apr 25, 2004 Anaheim, CA, US
ROBOlympics 2004 Mar 21, 2004 San Francisco, CA, US

Team Members

Chris Baron

Daniel Baron
Rob Purdy

Michael Baron

Lynn Campbell
George Baron
Samuel Baron
Jerison Amundsen
Stass Baron