MassDestruction 9: Wreturn to Watch City

Presented By Massachusetts Destruction

Boston, MA, US

January 13 - January 14, 2018

Event Information

Organizer: Massachusetts Destruction
Location: 1750 Soldiers Field Rd
Boston, MA 02135

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Starts: Jan 13, 2018
Ends: Jan 14, 2018

Event Description

Registration at MassDestruction Wreturns to Waltham and the Charles River Museum of Industry to kick off the new year! Bummed about Motorama registration lines that stretch around the block? Come visit scenic Boston in January when the sun never comes out and it's raining and snowing all the time! We'll be fighting 3lb robots on Saturday and 1lb, 1lb plastic, and 12lb platform robots on Sunday! General rules and guidelines can be found at and, but shoot us an email if you have any questions! Registration fee: $30 per robot, $20 for Plastic Ants

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