1 lb - Antweight --- Combat

Team Ignition - Milford, CT US

Robot Specs

Team Team Ignition
Class 1 lb - Antweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Aluminum wedge
Secondary Weapon Rear steel bash bar
Radio Type 2.4 GHz
Strategy Use impressive torque and driving skill to defeat all comers. 2-time event champion.

4 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Motorama 2015 Feb 22, 2015 Harrisburg, PA, US
Bot Blast 2014 Jul 19, 2014 Bloomsburg, PA, US
DownTown Dog Fight 2014 Mar 22, 2014 Harrisburg, PA, US
Bot Blast 2013 Jul 20, 2013 Bloomsburg, PA, US

Team Members

Dylan McCarthy

William McCarthy

Jarret McCarthy

Kody Kunz