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The Mailman

1 lb - Antweight --- Combat

Benson Labs - Winchendon, MA US

Robot Specs

Team Benson Labs
Class 1 lb - Antweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Wedge
Secondary Weapon Driving
Radio Type 75.45 MHz
Strategy Deliver you to the pits!

13 Events Attended

Event Date Location
UConn Robotic Something 2 Nov 13, 2004 Storrs, CT, US
House of Nerc 2004 Oct 17, 2004 Friedens, PA, US
POP8 Grand Championship of the Universe! Aug 8, 2004 Nashua, NH, US
Nar Karteque Jul 11, 2004 Nashua, NH, US
NPC Charity Open Jul 4, 2004 Anoka, MN, US
POP7 May 1, 2004 Concord, NH, US
Motorama 2004 Feb 22, 2004 Harrisburg, PA, US
Battle Beach II, January 2004 Feb 1, 2004 Ormond Beach, FL, US
Pound of Pain 6 Nov 22, 2003 Nashua, NH, US
Uconn Robotic Onslaught Nov 20, 2003 Stamford, CT, US
House of NERC Oct 5, 2003 Germansville, PA, US
Team Infinity Aug 16, 2003 Liverpool, NY, US
12 Lbs. of Pain Jun 15, 2003 Concord, NH, US

Team Members

Anton Zalusky

Brian Benson Sr

Brian Benson Jr

Cheryl Benson

Adam McKenny

Kira Benson

Jonathan Potvin

Craig Kellogg

Armand Dube

James Stevenson
Sandra Van Der Molen

Linoa Kuikhovem

Thekla Busse
Brad Miller