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MN Combat Robotics Club

Presented By mncombatrobotics

Eagan, MN, US

July 18, 2021

Event Information

Organizer: mncombatrobotics
Location: Eagan, MN US
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Starts: Jul 18, 2021
Ends: Jul 18, 2021


Starts: Apr 18, 2021 00:04 UTC
Ends: Jul 18, 2021 00:07 UTC
Wait List: Not Allowed
Entry Fees:

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight 8 8 Robots 0.00 USD Unlimited
Combat 1 lb - Antweight 14 14 Robots 0.00 USD Unlimited

Event Description

attention please the event date has been changed to 7/18/2021 from 7/19/2021 We are holding our Second event. COVID-19 important things masks are required hand sanitizer is optional but recommended 7:00 setup 8:00 check-in 9:30 Rules 10:00 fights start 12:00 lunch break 1:00 fights start again 2:00 rumbles 5:00 We hope you have an amazing time Event location 4550Greenleaf Dr W, Eagan MN 55123 Fight last 2 minutes Bots can win by immobilizing pitting judge decision Illegal weapons Emp Fire Liquids Heat and cold Smoke Judge’s decisions : All decisions are on a 7. Point System 3 for damage 2 for aggression 2 for control All decisions are Final Special rules: Shufflers get 50% weight bonus True walkers and gryo walkers get 100% pneumatics have to be approved by me at event Special implications: Robots have to make contact for fight to count Rc toy robot have to have no Active weapon ie spinners You can get one fight delay for 3 minutes Any major issue with the arena will pause the fight If robot get stuck togetherfor more than 10 sec they will be separated if fire occurs bot that cause it will lose fight Grapplers lifters a can pin/hold for 20 sec pushers/rammer/wedges can hold for 10sec sharp edge have to be covered with foam / protection switches / link / power cable / battery rules: have to be accessable / not in path of weapon No exposed batteries batteries have easy accessable

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