Pre St Valentines Day Bot Massacre

Presented By Maryland Area Combat Robotics Organization

Severn, MD, US

February 8, 2020

Event Information

Organizer: Maryland Area Combat Robotics Organization
Location: Severn, MD US
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Starts: Feb 8, 2020
Ends: Feb 8, 2020

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat Plastic Ant Unlimited 10 Robots None 0.00 USD Unlimited

Event Description

Antweight (1 pound) 3d printed plastic robots. The event is free to the public, though space is limited. The event will start at 4 pm and complete at 8 pm. Please see for construction specifications. Address: Unallocated Space, 512 Shaw Ct #100, Severn, MD

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