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Pure Dead Brilliant

3 lb - Beetleweight --- Combat

Team Rolling Thunder - Cary, NC US

Robot Specs

Team Team Rolling Thunder
Class 3 lb - Beetleweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Blade
Secondary Weapon Haggis
Radio Type 2.4 GHz
Strategy Roll my r's and use strange Scottish slang for everyday objects

15 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Motorama 2018 Feb 18, 2018 Harrisburg, PA, US
Schiele Museum Clash Of The Bots 2 Jul 23, 2011 Gastonia, NC, US
Franklin Institute 2010 Oct 9, 2010 Philadelphia, PA, US
Schiele Museum Clash of the Bots Jul 24, 2010 Gastonia, NC, US
Motorama 2010 Feb 21, 2010 Harrisburg, PA, US
Franklin Institute 2009 Oct 4, 2009 Philadelphia, PA, US
Motorama 2009 Feb 22, 2009 Harrisburg, PA, US
Franklin Institute Robot Weekend Oct 12, 2008 Philadelphia, PA, US
CCR Memorial Day Qualifier May 24, 2008 Greensboro, NC, US
Motorama 2008 Feb 17, 2008 Harrisburg, PA, US
Wreck-The-Halls Dec 29, 2007 Greensboro, NC, US
Franklin Institute Robot Conflict Oct 20, 2007 Philadelphia, PA, US
RoboGames 2007 Jun 17, 2007 San Francisco, CA, US
Carolina Combat May 5, 2007 Greensboro, NC, US
Motorama 2007 Feb 18, 2007 Harrisburg, PA, US

Team Members

Brendon Rush
Zachary Gianikos
Ellen Schilkowsky
Katie Magee
Peter Smith

Peter Smith

Andrew Smith

Jennifer Smith

Julie Smith
Jeremy Butler