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Super Spar-kee

30 lb - Featherweight --- Combat

KurTrox - Port Saint Lucie, FL US

Robot Specs

Team KurTrox
Class 30 lb - Featherweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Front Drum spinner!!
Secondary Weapon Speed and Traction to pull my truck in neutral.
Radio Type 2.4 Ghz Mhz
Strategy Utilize the Magic Smoke On steriods that has been injected into the frame of the Robot.

3 Events Attended

Event Date Location
2005 RFL Nationals Nov 13, 2005 San Francisco, CA, US
Battle Beach Apr 3, 2005 Ormond Beach, FL, US
Robot Assault 2004 Sep 5, 2004 Huntsville, AL, US

Team Members

Abra Durjan
Garrett Durjan

Kurt Durjan
Kyle Durjan