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Altoid the Destroyer

150 g - Fairyweight --- Combat

Curiously Strong Robots - Oviedo, FL US

Robot Specs

Team Curiously Strong Robots
Class 150 g - Fairyweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Pool Noodle: if the darn thing ever works
Secondary Weapon Minty Fresh Breath... and a wedge
Weapon Power Electric
Drive Power Electric
Strategy I’m going to drive way faster than is prudent.

3 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Florida State Fair Frenzy Feb 18, 2023 Tampa, FL, US
Maker Faire Miami Aug 16, 2020 Miami, FL, US
SBoMD: Fair Fights IV Feb 16, 2020 Stuart, FL, US

Team Members

Jason Tollefson

Kristina Tollefson
Team Support

Shaina Tollefson
Team Support

Marlie Tollefson
Team Support

Piper Tollefson
Team Support

Mollie Moe Tollefson
Team Support

Misha Tollefson
Team Support

Oliver Tollefson
Team Support

Lois Plourdes
Team Support