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1 lb - Antweight --- Combat

Team Push Bot - St Petersburg, FL US

Robot Specs

Team Team Push Bot
Class 1 lb - Antweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Vertical Spinner
Secondary Weapon Wedge
Radio Type 2.4 GHz
Strategy Infect with rusty blade of death.

3 Events Attended

Event Date Location
SBoMD - Fair Fights III Feb 10, 2019 Stuart, FL, US
Battles at Maker Faire Orlando 2018 Nov 11, 2018 Orlando, FL, US
Fire Fights Hosted by Florida Polytechnic Univ. Mar 17, 2018 Lakeland, FL, US

Team Members

Ian Navales

Christina Navales

Jorge Camacho

Gonzalo Cerpa
Diego Lozada
Marco Lozada
Maira Lozada
Roger Navales
Ralf Buettner