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CreateIT Labs

Organization Information

Organization Name: CreateIT Labs

1 Event

Event Date Location Robots
Labor Day Disarray REGISTRATION OPEN Sep 3, 2022 Washington, NJ, US


CreateIT Labs is registered non-profit (501c3). We are a community, educational center and product  development lab for all levels of makers, inventors and companies. We can  assist in the development of the most simple to highly complex solutions. Most importantly, we accept all people (some dogs) and aim to make education truly fun by combining technology and "making" in an environment that opens your mind to new possibilities.

Staff and Board of Directors

Dan Hoffman - Board of Director member / Executive Director

Nick Whalen - Board of Director member / Process Design and Development

Ian Jones - Board of Director member / Operations

Peter Cornell - Board of Director member / Strategy

Rick Greenberg - Board of Director member / Growth

Jonathan Whalen  - Director of electronics & computer controlled equipment

Robert Skelton - Director of Metal Fabrication / Welding

Alex Curtis - Director of Metal Fabrication / Machining 

Scott Severns - Director of Wood Working

Jennifer Cabrera - Director of Community Outreach & Fundraising



Daryl Detrick 


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