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Winter Challenge 14

Presented By RoboCore

136 - Jardim Haydee, Mauá, US

July 5 - July 8, 2018

Event Information

Organizer: RoboCore
Location: R. Americana
136 - Jardim Haydee, Mauá -

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Starts: Jul 5, 2018
Ends: Jul 8, 2018

Event Description

Lots of fun at this huge event!  Get all the details on the Robocore webiste.  

Combat Robots Weight
Antweights 1lb - 454g
Beetleweights 3lb - 1.36kg
Hobbyweights 12lb - 5.44kg
Featherweights 30lb - 13.6kg
Lightweights 60lb - 27.2kg
Non-Combat Robots  
Mini-sumo 500g (auto)
Sumo LEGO 1kg (auto)
Sumo 3kg (auto)
Sumo 3kg (R/C)
Hockey - Pro 6.8kg
Line Follower Pro  
Line Follower Junio  
Robot Trekking  
ArtBot - Kenetic  
Soccer - Mini  
Soccer - Simulation 2D  


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