MACRO Frozen Fracas!

Presented By Mid-Atlantic Combat Robotics Organization

Timonium, MD, US

January 26, 2019

Event Information

Organizer: Mid-Atlantic Combat Robotics Organization
Location: Timonium, MD US
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Starts: Jan 26, 2019
Ends: Jan 26, 2019

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight Unlimited 8 Robots None 30.00 USD 5 Per Robot
Sumo 12lb Sumo Unlimited 9 Robots None 30.00 USD 5 Per Robot

Event Description

UPDATE: Doors open time has been pushed back to 9am.

Sign up for the second event of the Mid-Atlantic Combat Robotics Organization: Frozen Fracas! Hosted at the STAR Academy outside Baltimore Maryland, and sponsored by The Makerspace at Stanley Black and Decker, we’ll be hosting our both 12lb sumo-sportsmans and full combat beetles!

We’re building momentum to get our 30lb full combat enclosure built, so please come out and support robotics in our area and show our sponsors how fun this sport can be. Prizes will include custom plaques, Stanley/BlackDecker/DeWalt tools, and more. Aggressive and damaging sumo robots are heavily encouraged – within the bounds of the ruleset below. If you have another weapon idea that meets the intent but not the letter of the rules, please contact the event organizers for approval. Silly and terrible bots are encouraged as well – come out and have a good time with it.

2032 Greenspring Drive Timonium, MD 21093

The 12lb platform sumo ruleset can be found HERE
The 3lb beetle event rules are SPARC standard, available HERE

Format for the sumo event will be a points based round robin that feeds a semi-final and final. The format for the 3lb event will be double elimination with a single elimination final.

If you bring a robot that’s ridiculous and clearly breaks the rules, it better be ridiculously awesome too. You’ll be allowed to compete as long as your rule breaking does not prevent competitive robots from being competitive, and you will not be eligible for the final brackets. Please inform the EO of your intended tomfoolery before you arrive at the event.

9:00am: Doors open check-in begins
10:45am: Mandatory meeting
11:00am: Fights Begin
**Robots MUST be through safety/weigh-in before 10:45am or they will NOT be able to compete... make sure your robots work and don’t be late! No exceptions!**
Event should be finished by 5pm.
Rumbles will be held just before the finals (finalists are not permitted to compete in the rumble)
Awards Presentation will be immediately after the finals.

$30 per robot if you pre-pay, with up to 5 team members per entry fee.
Payments can be sent by paypal to or by Venmo to @RickyWillems
In the interest of encouraging quick check-in and fewer emergency ATM trips, the fee is $40 per robot if you pay at the event, cash only.
UPDATE: Spectators may attend free!

Approximately 12’x12’ of painted plywood raised 1 to 2 feet off of the ground. The arena will be open on 2 to 4 sides. It may have additional dropouts added or obstacles affixed to the surface between rounds.

All spectators and participants must sign the event waiver before entering the area of the building that houses the platform or the pits. All competitors or crew members under age 18 also must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

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