Wisconsin Robot Combat July 2023

Beloit, WI, US

July 29, 2023

Event Information

Organizer: Wisconsin Robot Combat July 2023
Location: 156 St Lawrence Ave
Beloit, WI 53511

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Starts: Jul 29, 2023
Ends: Jul 29, 2023
Website: https://www.facebook.com/WisconsinRobotCombat

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 1 lb - Antweight Unlimited None None 0.00 USD Unlimited
Combat Plastic Ant Unlimited None None 0.00 USD Unlimited

Event Description

ATTENTION: This is not a MRCA ranking event.

WRC hasn't run plastic ants since May 2021. WRC also hasn't traveled outside of Oconomowoc since Milwaukee Makerfaire in September 2021.

We're reviving both those ideas in a now much more active robot community for our 8th event!


Palm Beach Bots - Our most generous sponsor, Palm Beach Bots, is helping out with the prizes again in all weight classes! Palm Beach Bots is the one stop shop for getting involved in robot combat. They're an established distributor and manufacturer of kits, electronics, and mechanical parts for insect-weight robots of every type!

Betz Botz - Betz Botz will be demonstrating some products and supporting the event financially. Their NE kit is the best all-in-one solution to start competing in U.S. combat robot competitions without prior experience.

Repeat Robotics - Repeat Robotics will be helping out with the prizes at this event for both weight classes. In just over a year, Repeat Robotics has completely changed how combat robots are built with their revolutionary drivetrain solutions. Look for them in the winner's circle at this event!


All open antweight robots must comply with the MRCA ruleset.

Plastic antweights operate under the MRCA ruleset with the following overrulings added:

1. PET, PETG, ABS, or PLA, PLA+ are the only materials that can be used for the chassis and weapons. No other types of plastics or materials allowed (ie. metal, carbon fiber, UHMW, etc).

2. Motors, electronics, axles, fasteners and adhesives can be any material, but cannot be used in such a way to enhance the structural integrity, armor the robot, or enhance any weapon.

3. No weight bonuses of any kind are given. All robots, regardless of mobility type or autonomous functionality, are subject to the 1lb (454g) weight limit.

Event Details

ATTENTION: This is not a MRCA ranking event.

8:00am-9:30am Setup and check-in
9:30am-9:45am Driver's meeting
9:45am-10:00am Final staging
10:00am-1:00pm Tournament
1:00pm-1:30pm Lunch break
1:30pm-6:00pm Tournament
6:00pm-7:30pm Awards and event teardown

Location: 156 St Lawrence Ave, Beloit, WI 53511

Spectator fee: Adult $5, 5yrs or younger free (competitors and pitcrew members don't have to worry about this)

Food: We are in the process of lining up a food truck or working with the bar across the street.

Bring an extension cord and power strip. Tables and chairs are provided, but cords are not.


Size: 4' x 4' x 2'

Floor: Painted 1/8" hardboard

Kickplates: 1/2" UHMW

Windows: 1/4" polycarbonate

Event Flow

We'll be using two arenas to save time. While this isn't quite as insane as WRC May 2023, we'll still have to run pretty quick.

Everyone should be using the queuing spreadsheet (which we will link later) to keep track of their fight(s) coming up. When it is almost your fight, you should do your best to be at the queueing table so that you're ready to load in for the next match in a timely manner. We can disqualify builders if they go over their 20min repair window, and we can disqualify builders if they're not at the queue table within 2mins of the time they were supposed to load in.

Bring multiple batteries and spare parts if you plan on going far. While complying with the 20min repair timer is all that we can hold you to, it's always nice to accelerate the final rounds of a tournament when we can since there's always so much downtime.


Open Ant (1lb): 32 slots (max two robots per driver)

Plastic Ant (1lb): 24 slots

Reg. Time: 5/19/2023 @7:00pm CDT

Cost: $30 per bot (pay by July 1st or be dropped)



Open Bracket (This is preliminary until the morning of competition day)

Plastic Bracket (This is preliminary until the morning of competition day)




Please email me with any questions you might have. I hope to see you there!

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