Angry Vehicle Competition 2023

Longmont, CO, US

May 12 - May 14, 2023

Event Information

Organizer: Angry Vehicle Competition 2023
Location: 9595 Nelson Rd
Longmont, CO 80501

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Starts: May 12, 2023
Ends: May 14, 2023

Event Organizers

Casey Kuhns

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 1 lb - Antweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat Plastic Ant Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 12 lb - Hobbyweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 30 lb - 30lb Sportsman's Class Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 30 lb - Featherweight Unlimited None None Unlimited

Event Description

Alright Friends!  The Barn is rented, the truck has a half tank of diesel, and I've drafted a few volunteers.

This is going to be a low key event again here in Colorado.  The sponsors dried up, the maker fair is gone, but let's give it another go. It's just me, the truck, and some volunteers.

Please use the eventbrite page under website to sign the waiver and pay robot fees.

WHERE: 9595 Nelson Rd, Longmont, CO 80501  Barn A

Registration Fee (Suggested Donation): $40 per robot

Schedule  NOTICE!!! WE MAY CHANGE THINGS UP AS WE GET CLOSER TO THE COMPETITION.  We may adopt pubnight fight brackets instead of the usual double elimination. This might make things run smoother and give builders more time to fix robots. 

Friday May 12th (Setup day and pre-registration)  - 8am - 6pm

- We will setup on Friday morning and start registration and tech inspeciton.  We will open tech inspections at 1pm and leave it open until 6pm.  (If you want to stay later e-mail ahead of time)  Please come set up your pit space and get setup.  We start early on Saturday!

Saturday May 13th (Fight day 1) - 9am - 8pm

- Tech inspection will continue until 10:30 am.

- We will have a drivers meeting at 10:30 am and brakcets will be posted.  (We will have a challonge link)

- 11am Fights start!  We will run ants and larger all at the same time to maximize time for all competitiors

Sunday May 14th (Fight day 2, Loadout) - 9am - Close

- We will continue fights until all brakcets are finished.  Then we will tear down.  A few volunteers during teardown goes a long way at the end of the tournoment.  

- Time permitting we will leave arenas up for grude matches and robot testing.


We will not be advertising to the public but we will have a few bleachers available.  We may need to implement a ticket system (free or small donation) to keep our occupancy rating satisfied.

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