Crimson Bot Brawl 2023

855 NE Oak St, Pullman, US

February 11 - February 12, 2023

Event Information

Organizer: Crimson Bot Brawl 2023
Location: Albrook Hydraulics Laboratory
855 NE Oak St, Pullman US

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Starts: Feb 11, 2023
Ends: Feb 12, 2023

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 1 lb - Antweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat Plastic Ant Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight Unlimited None None Unlimited

Event Description

Crimson Bot Brawl, hosted by Crimson Robotics and Western Allied Robotics at Washngton State University, is WSU's inaugural combat robotics competition. Over the past semester, Crimson Robotics members have been hard at work learning to design, build, and test their own Beetleweight combat robots, and Crimson Bot Brawl is an opportunity to put the results of their hard work to the ultimate test against bots built by members of the combat robotics community.

Crimson Bot Brawl will be held on the weekend of February 11th and 12th, at WSU's Thermal Fluids Research Building, starting at 9am on 2/11, and concluding at 6pm on 2/12.


  • We will be using WAR's 5'x6' arena for Plastic Antweight/Antweight matches and their 8'x8' arena for Beetleweight matches, and adhering to the standard WAR rulesetfound here. The Beetleweight arena has a pit in one corner with a 1" lip.
  • The tournament across all weight classes will follow a double elimination style. Each weight class will contain two brackets. The winner of each match will advance in the same bracket while the loser moves to the other. Losing two matches will eliminate the robot from the competition. Finals will consist of the winners of each bracket within the respective weight class.

Suggested Donation

  • Registration is completely free for all competitors, but we suggest a $10 donation which will go towards supporting the Seattle Robotics Society, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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