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Team Dread Robotics

Team from Toronto, Ontario

Competitors since 2003 •

6 Robots

Angel of Dread (AoD)

150 g - Fairyweight

Beast of Dread (BoD)

1 lb - Antweight


3 lb - Beetleweight

Dread Overlord

12 lb - Hobbyweight

Minion of Dread (MoD)

1 lb - Antweight

Son of Dread (SoD)

1 lb - Antweight

3 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Upstate NY Robot Battle III Apr 16, 2005 Syracuse, NY, US
Motorama 2005 Feb 20, 2005 Harrisburg, PA, US
Robot Riots 4 Nov 9, 2003 Toronto, ON, CA

Team Members

Terence Storey

Mari Phong/Storey
John Martin