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Aim and Maim

3 lb - Beetleweight --- Combat

A.G. Robotics - Wilmington, DE US

Robot Specs

Team A.G. Robotics
Class 3 lb - Beetleweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Aiming
Secondary Weapon Maiming
Radio Type 27.045 MHz
Strategy Wheelie around the arena at 15mph

4 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Battle Beach LITE Apr 17, 2004 Ormond Beach, FL, US
SouthEastern Ant/Beetle Championship Nov 15, 2003 High Springs, FL, US
Brevard Bug Stomp Sep 27, 2003 Melbourne, FL, US
Robot Assault 2003 Sep 1, 2003 Hendersonville, NC, US

Team Members

Sara Williams

Ryan Learn
Aaron Zaslow

Emily Tobin
Gabrielle Gaul
Patrick Navagato
Alex Grant
Jenna Taylor
Alexander Grant

Mark Grant

Priscilla Grant

Scott Grant
Chuck Grant
Zac Wegman
Sarah Jespersen
Aimee Melvin
Earl Pancoast III
Nikki Whittaker