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Speedy BEAM

Speeder --- BEAM

Minds in evolution - Irapuato, Gto

Robot Specs

Team Minds in evolution
Class Speeder
Category BEAM
Primary Weapon solar cells
Secondary Weapon capacitor
Strategy Motor DC 2 motors Characteristics: - To 1.5V it consumes 17.5mA free of load (120mA bared) to 9.700 RPM. - To 3V it consumes 22mA free of load (260mA bared) to 18.420 RPM. Solar Cells 2 solar cells in parallel 3.3 V 30 mA Capacitor:1 2200 µF,

1 Event Attended

Event Date Location
RoboGames 2007 Jun 17, 2007 San Francisco, CA, US

Team Members

Rodrigo Villanueva
Adriana Valdovines