Oni Goroshi

30 lb - Featherweight --- Combat

Diginati - Methuen, MA US

Robot Specs

Team Diginati
Class 30 lb - Featherweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon lull them into complacency
Secondary Weapon drunken room spinning
Radio Type 75.73 MHz
Strategy a new approach: hit them with a weapon until they stop working -or- one of my many flaws are exposed to the world. Whichever comes first.

3 Events Attended

Event Date Location
House of Benson -- Barnyard Brawl Jul 27, 2008 Winchendon, MA, US
PoP 11: House of PoP Aug 20, 2006 Nashua, NH, US
Motorama 2006 Feb 19, 2006 Harrisburg, PA, US

Team Members

Robert Sica

David Escott

Jacob Burke

Mark Hogenson
Michael Ricetti