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150 g - Fairyweight --- Combat

Team Think Tank - Pasadena, CA US

Robot Specs

Team Team Think Tank
Class 150 g - Fairyweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Vertical Disc of Obliteration
Secondary Weapon Wedge
Radio Type 75.43 MHz
Strategy Wedge them at the right angle to launch them to the ceiling! One hit KOs!

1 Event Attended

Event Date Location
2005 RFL Nationals Nov 13, 2005 San Francisco, CA, US

Team Members

Richard Blom
Angela Blom

Ted Shimoda

Andy Meyers

Suni Murata
Jeff Vasquez
Bradley Hanstad
Leslie Hanstad
Andrew Rossol
Nelson Miyashio

Edward Rossol
Alex Traimel
Daniel Fukuba
James Arluck