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silver bullet

3 lb - Beetleweight --- Combat

Kentucky Chrome Motorsports - Louisville, KY US

Robot Specs

Team Kentucky Chrome Motorsports
Class 3 lb - Beetleweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Titanium
Secondary Weapon Fire!!!!
Radio Type 75.55 MHz
Strategy move fast and bore the crap out of people

4 Events Attended

Event Date Location
RoboGames 2007 Jun 17, 2007 San Francisco, CA, US
Motorama 2007 Feb 18, 2007 Harrisburg, PA, US
Pre-Nationals Last Chance Qualifier Aug 11, 2006 Minneapolis, MN, US
Motorama 2006 Feb 19, 2006 Harrisburg, PA, US

Team Members

Mary Stone
Will Evans
Nick Evans
Scott Evans
Ellyn Henders