The Wall

340 lb - Super Heavyweight --- Combat

Team Moon - Cary, NC US

Robot Specs

Team Team Moon
Class 340 lb - Super Heavyweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon An abyss of loss and isolation
Secondary Weapon Equal measures of moms love and phobias
Radio Type 75.57 MHz
Strategy Realizing that what you do affects others just as much as the things that are done to you.

1 Event Attended

Event Date Location
Pre-Nationals Last Chance Qualifier Aug 11, 2006 Minneapolis, MN, US

Team Members

Billy Moon

Cathy Moon

Will Moon

David Moon

Carl Haunz

Bob Clay
Dave Baker
Billy Danhauer
Coby Clay
Wesley Shornock
Bill Morrison
Gage Cauchois
Chris Jones

Qizhi Tang

Victor Low
Mark Craig

Richard Stuplich

Rosalie Stuplich

Alexander Stuplich

Rachel Stuplich

Xiaorong Tai

Cameron Mankin