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150 g - Fairyweight --- Combat

Team Discover Magnetics - Belton, MO US

Robot Specs

Team Team Discover Magnetics
Class 150 g - Fairyweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Spinning Weapon
Radio Type 75.43 MHz
Strategy The transfer of Kinetic Energy to opponent from S7 steel blade.

6 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Mecha-Mayhem 2008 Oct 19, 2008 Rosemont, IL, US
The Texas Cup Sep 9, 2006 Carrolton, TX, US
Robotic Revolution - New Orleans Jul 3, 2005 New Orleans, Louisiana, US
ROBOT REBELLION 5.2 May 7, 2005 Carrolton, TX, US
ROBOT REBELLION 9.0 Nov 27, 2004 Carrolton, TX, US
ROBOT REBELLION 7.0 May 22, 2004 Carrolton, TX, US

Team Members

Bill Kelly
Dustin Watkins
Shawn Kelly