150 g - Fairyweight --- Combat

Team Painfully Obvious Robotics - Silver Spring, MD US

Robot Specs

Team Team Painfully Obvious Robotics
Class 150 g - Fairyweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Vertical Spinner
Weapon Power Electric
Drive Power Electric
Radio Type Spektrum (DSMX)

5 Events Attended

Event Date Location
House of Robotic Destruction at ColossalCon 2024 Jun 1, 2024 Sandusky, OH, US
Nightmare On Bot Street Oct 14, 2023 Columbia, MD, US
Hickory Bot Battles 2023 Sep 8, 2023 Hickory, NC, US
ICT Throwdown Jul 15, 2023 Augusta, KS, US
House of Robotic Destruction at ColossalCon 2023 Jun 3, 2023 Sandusky, OH, US

Team Members

Lars Elliott
Buffy Elliott

John Elliott
Team Support