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Hickory Bot Battles 2017
Hickory, NC - 8/19/2017
34 Robots Registered

Robowars Nationals 2017
CBD, Brisbane QLD - 8/19/2017
38 Robots Registered

Destruction Under the Stars 2017
Pomona, CA - 8/26/2017
10 Robots Registered

Barn Battles 3?
Meshoppen, PA - 9/3/2017
5 Robots Registered

Robot Rebellion 1.3
Richardson, TX - 9/17/2017
6 Robots Registered

Battles at Maker Faire Orlando 2017
Orlando, FL - 10/21/2017
39 Robots Registered

NERC Franklin Institute 2017
Philadelphia, PA - 10/21/2017
68 Robots Registered

Battle Beach LITE
Kissimmee, FL - 12/1/2017
16 Robots Registered

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