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HBB 2019
Presented By:  Carolina Combat Robots
Location:  Hickory, NC
Competition Dates: 8/16/2019 through 8/17/2019

77 Robots Registered

Registration Information:
Registration Opens:  1/1/2019
Registration Closes:  8/15/2019
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Contact Information:
Web Site: http://www.carolinacombat.com
Organizer: Chuck Butler
Safety Coordinator: Chuck Butler
Registration Coordinator: Chuck Butler

Competition Description:
Catawba Science Center is proud to announce the 4th annual Hickory Bot Battles combat robot competition will be returning to Carpenter Hall the weekend of August 7-8, 2020. Featuring over 100 combat robot builders from across the country, robots weighing in at up to three pounds fight to the death in the 8’ x 8’ bullet-proof arena.

This year, CSC will be introducing the HBB Corporate Cup – a chance for local businesses to prove their engineering superiority via a single-elimination combat robot competition for glory and the cherished HBB Corporate Cup trophy. Register your corporate team and let your employees work together to build a three pound combat robot to destroy other local engineering companies that think they know what they’re doing. CSC will thank all participants and honor the winning team with a banner on our HBB page and an ad in the Hickory Daily Record. Experienced local combat robot builders will be available for advice, planning, and support to make sure your team’s combat robot experience is safe and successful.

This will be a Bug event, for full combat up to 3 pounds fighting in an 8 x 8 arena..
900 MHz, 2.4GHz, or spectrum radios are required. Any other frequency must have prior approval.

Modified double elimination and SPARC rules may apply. (Except for HBB Corporate Cup)

Event information:
Location: Catawba Science Center Hickory NC

Friday the 7th
Fairies and Plastic Ants Competition: 2pm -6pm Friday the 7th

Check-in and safety inspections (Plastic Ants and Fairies) :Noon till 1:30 pm on Friday the 7th
Builders meeting: 1:30pm Friday the 7th
Fighting starts at 2:00pm. Awards will follow finals on Friday.

Saturday the 8th
Check-in and safety inspections (Ants, Beetles and Bot Hockey) :7:00am-8:30am Saturday the 8th
Builders meeting: 8:30am Saturday the 8th
Fighting starts at 9:00am

If Registration fills up then e-mail Chuck at chuckbutler.01@gmail.com to get on the waiting list
Release form and payment due Midnight Juily 19th 2020. If Registration is full then anyone not paid and paperwork not received will be dropped to make room for others on the wait list and those waiting to sign up.

Information for Plastic Ants;
1lb Plastic Ants:
PET, PETG, ABS, or PLA, PLA+, HIPS are the only materials that can be used for the chassis, weapons and wheels. You can add something to the tread of the wheels for extra grip on the arena floor. Otherwise if I can touch it, it has to be plastic. It's ok to epoxy or screw 3D printed components together, it's ok if the heads of the screws are visible, as long as they're only used for minimal support - like attaching the top onto the sides of the robot, or gluing two 3D printed parts together at the seam if they'd be bigger than the 3D printer base. Motors, electronics, axles, fasteners and adhesives can be any material, but cannot be used in such a way to enhance the structural integrity, armor the robot, or enhance any weapon. No other types of plastics or materials allowed (No, Carbon-fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass are not polymers, nor are plastics supplemented with them like NylonX or Onyx)

Fees: (includes 2 pit passes per robot) $20 for each additional pit pass as approved by event organizer.
Fleaweight= $20
Plastic Ants $20
Antweight= $20
Beetleweight= $20

Release Form located at; http://www.carolinacombat.com/HBBAgreement.pdf

Some important rules:
- No flame weapons.
- No gas-powered robots.
- If you are using LiPo’s, you must have LiPo bags. All Lipo batterys must be in a LiPo bag while charging.
- Bring your own power strips.
A weapon lock is required for all weapons.
- A switch and power light is required. A jumper is acceptable in place of a switch as long as it can be easily and quickly connected and disconnected.

Still working on the details but as usual there will be prizes and trophies for the top three bots in each class. Cash prizes for the first place winners. There will also be a USCONEC Engineers award.
There will be other robotic activities at the Science Center during the event, so 900 MHz, 2.4GHz, or spectrum radios are required. Any other frequency must have prior approval.

We hope to have several teams from Battlebots on hand that will be participating in a Q & A and Panel discussion throughout the day.

Stay tuned for official hotel information

Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Antweight $20.00 24
Combat Beetleweight $20.00 24
Combat Fairyweight $20.00 16
Hockey 12 lb Free 10
Combat Plastic Ant $20.00 16

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