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Presented By:  MACRO
Location:  Severn, MD
Competition Date: 7/25/2020

10 Robots Registered

Registration Information:
Registration Opens:  6/20/2020
Registration Closes:  7/18/2020
Registration has Closed.
No more entries are being accepted for this event.

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Contact Information:
Web Site: www.macrobot.us
Organizer: Jasen Stengel
Registration Coordinator: Jasen Stengel

Competition Description:
Please look at the bottom for updates.

Antweight (1 pound) 3d printed plastic robots.

The event will start at 4 pm and complete at 8 pm.

Please see http://macrobot.us/construction-specifications/ for construction specifications.

Address: Unallocated Space, 512 Shaw Ct #100, Severn, MD

In order to comply with both the current Phase 2 COVID rules in Maryland, at the time of this posting (June 20, 2020) and the venue's rules...
- Please do NOT attend is you are feeling sick, running a fever, or have any other symptoms of COVID.

- ALL persons will be required to wear a mask

- ALL persons will be required to wash their hands before, and during the event

- Physical distancing of 6 feet or more is required

- There will be a sign in sheet. This information will be used for contact tracing in case there is an issue with persons at the event being exposed to COVID. This information will be held for 60 days and then destroyed.

- Each team may only consist of one or two people, in order to keep the total attendance to a minimum

- The pits will be outdoors. As such, please bring tables, chairs, sun canopies, sun screen, etc. (We know of at least one team that plans to pit out of their car.) Each team's pit will be located at least one car parking space from all others (8 feet)

- Power and a communal table for charging will be provided. If you want power at your pit space, please bring an extension cord.

- During combat, only the two drivers, three judges and two technicians (a total of seven people) will be allowed into the building

- To use the charging table, bring your charger and battery(ies) to the table. Plug in, setup and start the charger, then move away from the table so that others can use the area. When your battery(ies)are finished, wait until the area is clear, and retrieve your gear.

- If you have used the bathroom, please leave the door open, so it is easier, from a distance, to determine if the bathroom is available.

- Please do not congregate into groups closer than 6 feet, as this will potentially get the event shutdown.

- The $5 entry fee is to be paid in cash to the venue, Unallocated Space

June 21, 2020 update -
Seems the entire roster is full... This may not have been a Motorama speed sell out, but a sellout none the less. Hope to see you all at the event. Please note, if you received a notification about the pit crew number exceeding the maximum, that is due to event organizer error. I thought it was one driver plus pit crew number... Oops.

Also, as this event has sold out very quickly, MACRO is discussing another event at the end of August, in addition to the event at the end of September. If anyone has any thoughts, positive or negative, please feel free to contact us. We want your feedback, so we can run safe, fun and entertaining events.

June 21, 2020 update 2 -
Two additional contestants spots have opened up, so come get them!

Small addition to the rules... Sign in sheet for contact tracing purposes, if there is an issue.

June 26, 2020 update -
And all 10 spots are filled.
Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Plastic Ant $5.00 10

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