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Rumble In The North
Presented By:  Raiders Robot Rumble
Location:  Saint Albans, VT
Competition Date: 9/14/2019

12 Robots Registered

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Registration Opens:  6/1/2019
Registration Closes:  9/7/2019
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Contact Information:
Organizer: Adam Dudley
Registration Coordinator: Adam Dudley

Competition Description:
Rumble in the North - Robot Demolition Derby Comes to St. Albans

Itís a demolition derby with robots, and itís coming to St. Albans! Raiders Robot Rumble is a clashing tournament to St. Albans . Participants build robots and then fight to the death in the arena for honor, glory and bragging rights. If you love to watch Battlebots or Robot Wars, grew up on Transformers, or simply like destroying things, this may be for you.

Building your combat robot is the first challenge. Saws or spinners, hammer or axe - will your bot push opponents into pits or spinning sawblades, or perhaps flip its opponents, or will it simply bash away?

Once built, robots face the Darwinian challenge of a battle arena, fighting another robot to see whose design or strategy is the best. A battle can last from thirty seconds to three minutes or more, as the robots bash and flail away at each other until one robot succumbs. Not only do the robots The victorious robot survives to face another challenger, often after a quick stop in the pit for some emergency repairs. The fortunate loser can take his robot home, while the unlucky sweep up the broken parts.

Raiders Robot Rumble has been running local matches at The Frozen Ogre in downtown St. Albans for the last 2 years. On September 14th, local challengers will be able to match themselves against robots from other parts of New England at Rumble in the North, the first regional tournament in St. Albans. Last minute roboteers are welcome, as are those who simply want to watch.

Calendar Listing :

Date: September 14th, 9am-5pm

Location: Masonic Lodge, 142 N Main St, Saint Albans

Event : Rumble in the North, a robot battle tournament

Information: 802 309 0214 or visit Raiders Robot Rumble on Facebook
Fighter Safety
- Waiver must be signed to participate.
- Once match begins, doors to arena remain closed until match is over and saw shut down.
- Weapon activation only in designated Pit area or in Arena.
- On/Off safety switches required
- LED indicator Required if robot has active weapon (saws,spinning weapons)
-Saftey guards and/or locks required for active weapons.
Robot Specs
- Bot weight cannot exceed 3lbs (Beetle weight)
- Combustible engines not allowed
- Projectiles (flame throwers, shooters, squirt guns, entanglement devices, intentional smoke generators, EMP, electricity, heat guns, laser guns) not allowed.
Match structure
- Matches are 3 minutes long, Saw blade activates at 1:30 for remainder of the match
-Fifteen minute break between each round for repairs.
-If your bot not ready to fight by scheduled time, results in DQ

Judges Decision
To avoid draws as much as possible, 3 judges will be appointed to rate the fighters on these 2 catagories; Aggression and Damage. Aggression will be rated on a 1-6 point scale, and Damage will be rated on a 1-5 point scale. Pre existing damage will be ommited from score. Points will be totaled up and a winner awarded.
Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Beetleweight $35.00 Unlimited

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