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Battles at Maker Faire Orlando 2018
Presented By:  FamiLAB Combat Robotics
Location:  Orlando, FL
Competition Dates: 11/10/2018 through 11/11/2018

118 Robots Registered

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Registration Opens:  7/28/2018
Registration Closes:  11/2/2018
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Contact Information:
Web Site: https://www.makerfaireorlando.com/
Organizer: Lilith Specht
Safety Coordinator: Lilith Specht
Registration Coordinator: Lilith Specht

Competition Description:
Orlando Maker Faire 2018!

Insect battles will be run in an 8x8 arena, which has a non-ferrous floor with a pit in one corner. Bigger bots will be run in the 16x32 Southeast Combot arena which has a steel floor. Everything up to 30lb will be full contact, and the 220lb will be "sportsman" style weapons. Sawblades: Yes; 5000RPM spinners: No. Flames will not be allowed for safety reasons.

Entry fees are $10 for all insect bots, $15 for 15s and 30s, $20 for the 220lb. Weekend Maker Faire passes are given to each team member. This is done via the "Call for Makers!" on the Orlando Maker Faire website, This step MUST be done!

Event will be run in conjunction with Maker Faire Orlando being held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds located at 4603 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32808. We will be attempting to space out the fights such that competitors can wander around and see the rest of the going-ons at Maker Faire.

Early bird check-in will begin on Friday October 20th, with day-of check-in will begin Saturday morning. Any volunteers to help setup the arenas on the days before, or any the day after the event would be greatly appreciated.

We will be using the SPARC ruleset found here

Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Antweight $10.00 48
Combat Beetleweight $10.00 48
Combat Featherweight Free Unlimited
Combat Heavyweight $20.00 Unlimited
Combat Fairyweight $10.00 16
Combat 30lb Sportsman's Class Free Unlimited
Combat 15lb Dogeweight $15.00 Unlimited

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