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MassDestruction 9
Presented By:  MassDestruction
Location:  Waltham, MA
Competition Dates: 1/13/2018 through 1/14/2018

40 Robots Registered

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Registration Opens:  11/19/2017
Registration Closes:  1/13/2018
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Contact Information:
Web Site: massachusetts.destruction@gmail.com
Organizer: Frederick Moore
Safety Coordinator: Charles Guan
Registration Coordinator: Frederick Moore

Competition Description:
Weíre going to combine all of our bad ideas with your worst nightmares and machinations at our Nonagonal Infinite MassDestruction, January 13th and 14th at the Charles River Museum of Industry! Thatís right, weíve got action so intense we needed two days just to hold it all!

This very cool museum has dozens of antiquated but still running tools and toys from automatic scraping beds and model T's to watch-making lathes and ride-on trains! Spectators are as always welcome, although you will have to pay admission to the museum in the first place.

Two big changes this time: First we're going to make a brand new shiney arena for 1 and 3 lbers that should take waaaaaaay less time to assemble and disassemble (Email us if you'd like to help with this, by the way!)

Second, we're going to shift over our sportsman's-style 12lbers to platform instead! This is how shows like Momocon and DragonCon run and we think it's a lot more fun and less vague

We'll be doing the usual classes of
1lb Plastic
12lb Platform

Please see NERC for generic rules (http://www.nerc.us/rules.html). Rules specific to MassD are:
Plastic Ant: The vast majority of construction elements in your robot must be made of plastic. This goes especially for weapons and armor. Carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass are not plastics so you should not put them in your robot. 3D printing is heavily encouraged, but not required. No fiber or epoxy reinforcing allowed on prints though, or chopped-suey carbon fillament!
12lb Platform: See the rules for Dragon-Conís Robot Battles: http://www.robotbattles.com/rules.htm
All standard NERC rules will still apply, and we will try to have a testing box in the pits.

Because we need to pay for our new arena, registration will be $30 per robot, paid at the event. I'll also have liability forms for you to sign there as well!

Tournament Structure:
The structures, as always, will be made up on the spot the days of the competition. Time-permitting you will be able to fight your robot at least 4 times if it's up to the task! Depending on how many robots we see, it could be even more!

Schedule is shamelessly copied from previous events:
9:00 AM Doors open. Come in, Get checked in and inspected
10:00 AM Check in for combat Ends
10:30 AM Drivers meeting and match schedules distributed
11:00 AM Round one of fights start
1:00 PM Approximate lunch break
6:00 PM Approximate Semi Finals period
6:30 PM Arena break down

As always, we'd appreciate any help we can get from kind volunteers showing up early on Saturday and late on Sunday for arena dis/assembly or help me yell at the inevitable mob of WPI students who I canít tell from each other. Or be a judge, thatís cool too!

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to leave them on this page, or contact EOs directly at massachusetts.destruction (at) gmail. We're really looking forward to seeing you all ag
Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Antweight $30.00 16
Combat Beetleweight $30.00 32
Combat 12lb Sportsman's Class $30.00 16
Combat Plastic Ant $20.00 16

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