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Robot Riot
Presented By:  MakeMIA
Location:  Miami, FL
Competition Dates: 7/14/2017 through 7/15/2017

Registration Information:
Registration Opens:  4/20/2017
Registration Closes:  7/12/2017
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Contact Information:
Web Site: www.makemia.com
Organizer: Andrea Suarez

Competition Description:
Venue is TBD, but we promise we're working on something good! We are planning to use the super nice 8' x 8' KurTrox arena.

Teams MUST register via BuildersDB. Payments will be handled at the event.

Please email info@makemia.com with any questions.

Want to build a robot for this event? We can help! Let us know at info@makemia.com or stop by MakeMIA Makerspace Saturday-Sunday 12-8pm to learn more! More information at www.makemia.com.
Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Antweight $15.00 Unlimited
Combat Beetleweight $15.00 Unlimited
Combat Fairyweight $15.00 Unlimited
BotsIQ Mini Class (15lb) High School Competition (HS-M) $15.00 Unlimited
BotsIQ Mini Class (15lb) College Competition (C-M) $15.00 Unlimited
Combat 15lb Dogeweight $15.00 Unlimited

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