Today's Date: 2/24/2018


Bot Bash Cup
Presented By:  Andy Sauro
Location:  San Francisco, California
Competition Date: 3/3/2018

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Registration Information:
Registration Opens:  2/1/2018
Registration Closes:  3/2/2018
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Contact Information:
Organizer: Andy Sauro
Safety Coordinator: Andy Sauro
Registration Coordinator: Andy Sauro

Competition Description:
The Bot Bash Cup is a collaboration between Showdown Entertainment and Bot Bash Party, bringing the sport of Robot Combat to the Folsom Street Foundry! One pound "Antweight" robots will be using saws, hammers, flipping levers, and more to disable their opponents in a single elimination tournament for a cash prize. Bot Bash Party will also be bringing more than 20 Robots for guests to have a hands-on experience with fighting robots. Come join us in a celebration of the sport of Robot Combat.

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