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Robowars Vivid Sydney 2017
Presented By:  Robowars Australia
Location:  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Competition Date: 6/11/2017

23 Robots Registered

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Registration Opens:  3/1/2017
Registration Closes:  5/31/2017
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Contact Information:
Web Site: www.robowars.org
Organizer: Andrew K
Safety Coordinator: Steve M
Registration Coordinator: Steve M

Competition Description:
Robowars tournaments have been run all over Australia for the last 10yrs. Builders construct combat robots from metal, power tools and remote control toy parts to build the ultimate fighting machine. These robots will be coming to Sydney to battle it out to see who will be the champion.

Registration will be free however a maximum of 2 people will be allowed in per team. If you would like extra members in the Pits you will be required to pay for extra passes.

The competition will be in an exhibition format where sportsman robots will earn points towards the yearly competition. There may be a single elim tournament run so that there is a winner but all robots will be able to fight in every round.
Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat 30lb Sportsman's Class Free 28

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