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Mayhem in Miami
Presented By:  HyperShock & Witch Doctor
Location:  Miami, FL
Competition Date: 1/28/2017

25 Robots Registered

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Registration Opens:  1/9/2017
Registration Closes:  1/27/2017
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Contact Information:
Organizer: Will Bales & Paul Grata
Safety Coordinator: Paul Grata
Registration Coordinator: Will Bales

Competition Description:
3lb and under weight classes (because the arena can’t hold ALL THE CARNAGE!!!)

Agenda will be something like this:
9AM—doors open and setup begins
9AM—inspections/testing/fighting begins
4-6PM—sometime around here we’ll call it quits and teardown?

OK, for real though we’ll be having a small robot event in conjunction with the RoboSlam Vex event at the Miami Fairgrounds on January 28th.
Our event will be a grudgefest and not an organized tournament; for fun, to show off and hopefully garner some interest for our sport.
We’ll still be abiding by normal SPARC rules, weight classes and of course SAFETY however beyond that we won’t be having brackets. You show up, get your bot ready and fight! Entirely grudge based so you can fight whoever you want that’s willing to fight you. We’ll also try to have some r/c cars and basic beater bots to go against if you have a new experimental design and maybe try some full-combat bot hockey or other random crazy ideas.
Again, we would like to emphasize that this event will be for fun and we have every intention to have fun doing it. We’ll be surrounded by hundreds of VEX and VEXIQ kids and their parents, local teachers, maybe even some administrators and a few nuns (go figure)....
Soooo, if you want to have a great time and hang out with the coolest people you know in Miami come on down and play with us!

We’ll try to look into some local hotels for anyone interested and will probably do some food related activity after the event (Will has offered up his shop for an after party!!!!!!!!!!) to make it more worthy of y’alls time! It’ll also be in West Miami, near a big shopping mall (for those REALLY late Christmas shoppers) and far away from all the garbage that is Miami Beach.
Also, Will says he has ping-pong, foosball (let’s just ignore the players missing their heads) and a cnc router! Oh, and weird animal heads on the wall.

That’s it! We don’t have any more details to offer but you should come play anyway (Matt!)!!!


Paul Grata & Will Bales
Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Antweight Free 10
Combat Beetleweight Free 20
Combat Fairyweight Free 10
Combat MonsterBots Free 6

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