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Mechanical MassacRE
Presented By:  HyperShock & Witch Doctor
Location:  Miami, FL
Competition Date: 11/19/2016

17 Robots Registered

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Registration Opens:  11/1/2016
Registration Closes:  11/19/2016
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Contact Information:
Organizer: Will Bales & Paul Grata
Safety Coordinator: Paul Grata
Registration Coordinator: Will Bales

Competition Description:
Combat robot carnage!!
3lb and under weight classes.
The beetles will operate double elimination, the ants will do round robin.
I won’t post a complete ruleset, but because the floor is plywood we can’t have flamethrowers, and standard other limitations (no explosives, no projectile weapons, no arena fouling, no entanglement, no toxic substances, no (intentional) smoke) apply.
We will do a brief internal/functional inspection—just checking for obvious hazards--and your robot must make weight and failsafe all motion.
The arena does have a ‘kickout’ area, but it’s a bit more challenging than just a drop box: I have a 2x4 crossing one corner. If a bot is moved/shoved/lifted over that and cannot come back on its own in 10 seconds, then it’s out. The floor is 6ft square, minus the knockout corner. Matches will be 3 minutes.
Agenda will be something like this, but it IS my first event so let’s just be flexible, OK?
6AM—doors open and setup begins
8AM—inspections/testing begins
9:30AM—brackets/match schedule will be developed from whatever bots are present at that time.
10AM—Matches begin (probably run though a bracket of beetles, then do a round of ants, then back to beetles, etc.)
Around noon we will break for lunch—I am going to PROVIDE LUNCH FOR EVERYONE. Please don’t plan on going off-site for lunch, because I don’t want additional delays waiting for someone to return.
1PM—matches resume and continue until we finish brackets/round robin and any grudge or rumble matches requested by the participants.
2 last things: 1) ABSOLUTELY NO GRINDING in the Gym--step outside for that, even dremel!!
2) No driving robots on the gym floor!! (it is not safe anyway, but the floor can't take it either)
Venue is Ransom Everglades Upper School Gymnasium
3575 Main Highway, Miami FL 33133
$5 per robot
(Lunch, AC and power provided--bring a 10ft extension cord and power strip)
Call or text (305) 773-0117 if you have questions!
Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Antweight $5.00 Unlimited
Combat Beetleweight $5.00 Unlimited
Combat Fairyweight $5.00 Unlimited

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