About the Builders Database...
"I'm an event organizer. What options are available and what do I get?"

Event Listing:
  • Displaying your event for the public to view on the Builders Database events section
  • Allows other viewers of the Builders Database to find out more information about your event
  • Will provide the entryway into Online Registration
Online Registration:
  • Automatically checks competitor entries for errors (such as banned frequencies, pit crew limits, etc.). Each setting can be invidually set to your event's requirements.
  • Once a team is accepted by the system, they are marked as pending. This is when the registration coordinator for your event will go in and check the team's entry by hand. The registration coordinator will then accept or deny the team's entry.
  • The system will automatically total fee payments and membership dues for each registered team.
  • Each event organizer is given a special login with a page where you can access lists of teams, bots, builders, memberships, and anything else you wanted to know about your competitors.
Event Software: (when used with online registration software)
  • Separate control panels for check-in desk, safety desk, impound, judges, and event organizer.
  • Automatic bracket generation
  • Automatic match scheduling (can be turned off if you want a more freely-run event)

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